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iTechArt presented career opportunities for the students of the University of Lodz

14 may 2021

On May 14th, iTechArt Polish team held an online presentation of the company for the graduate students and the administration of the University of Lodz.

The meeting took place at the Faculty of Physics and Computer Science. The Department Manager Pawel Cebula and HR Manager Magdalena Kozlovska were speaking about our educational and career opportunities for students, particularly, in frontend.

During the presentation, participants completed a quiz using the Kahoot platform. The first part of the questions was devoted to Silicon Valley, financial business centres etc. The second part was related to technology (history of technology), with a heavy focus on frontend. Three winners received books and iTechArt gadgets as a gift.

Pawel Cebula, Department Manager at iTechArt: «Students actively participated in the quiz. At the end of the presentation the students showed their interest in the internship at iTechArt. Later,we got three job applications from junior developers. We’re definitely planning more meetings or even the entire series of events devoted to t DevOps, backend, etc. in the next academic year».

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